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Welcome to this exquisite Lombok villa, designed by a world-renowned Spanish architect.

Villa Serena isn’t just a beautifully relaxing place in Kuta Indonesia - it promotes sustainability and makes your trip extra special.

Designed by the world-famous Paula Huerta and her award-winning sustainable architecture firm Bambook Studio, Villa Serena refuses to sacrifice comfort or environmental consciousness in favour of the other. 

The contemporary style coupled with pure comfort is exceptional.

It’s getting there. 95% finish. #sustain


Sustainability is in our DNA. Usually architects sacrifice comfort and beauty in favor of sustainability; that’s not the case at Villa Serena. Thanks to our environmental initiatives, the villa is the first net-zero energy villa in all of Lombok. We aim to deliver a seamless experience to our visitors, so we pay a close attention to boost our Lombok villa’s aesthetic.

Positioned according to the sun orientation, the villa supercharges all your expectations. Premium Indonesian teak wood pergola in the east shields the bedrooms from sunlight. Facing south, the villa does not get exposure to direct sunlight. Natural breeze ventilates the villa, lessening the use of air conditioning. The less energy consumption inspired us to switch to the solar power, ultimately providing sufficient energy to villa, and giving excessive power to the grid.

Rainwater is captured, filtered, and stored for the pool and other water consumption facilities, ensuring that you get the cleanest water and making sure that we use all the natural resources provided. The used-water from sink and shower water is processed by a local waste water garden and utilised for our toilets. Every single drop of water is eventually treated and deployed in the vibrant and thriving onsite garden.

Not only we help sustain the planet, but we also support local businesses. Our sustainable villa is built thanks to the locally-sourced materials and craftsmanship. Enjoy a sustainable travel experience!


Located on the south of the lovely Lombok, Serena Villa is 360m2 indoor area plus a built-in infinity pool, water slide and multiple amenities. Its unique 4-bedroom arrangement makes it the ideal location for any type of guest such as couples, families or a group of friends. Explore the water slide in our infinity pool, and have fun in the miniature shallow pool to relax and enjoy the calming environment of Lombok and Villa Serena.

Not only you witness the beautiful views of Kuta bay in Lombok, but we make sure your stay at Villa Serena is a complete haven of relaxation. We have a housekeeper and gardener specially dedicated to making Villa Serena as clean and pleasant as possible. Our villa manager is your one-stop to any resources you may need during your stay. Don’t know where to eat? Get a private chef! Looking for a nanny service? Want to get in some exercise during your stay? Our villa manager is ready to assist you with any additional services you may require.


Aside from housekeeping, our family villa provides multiple amenities as well. Hairdryers, dehumidifiers, and towels are all on us, just so we can make sure you have the most stress-free getaway possible.

From local, plant-based travel goods to high quality hair products (shower gels and shampoo), we ensure you enjoy a luxury experience. We encourage guests to bring their own toothbrushes and paste so as to reduce disposable item consumption and stay true to our mission surrounding sustainability.


Villa Serena is located in the gorgeous Kuta Lombok, Indonesia, just half an hour away from Lombok International Airport. The villa overlooks the stunning Kuta Bay and highlights the natural beauty perfectly!


There’s plenty to do around our villa, including:


✔ Yoga at the nearby Yoga Centre (5 mins drive)

✔ Kuta Main Street - unique boutiques, restaurants and bars on (8 mins drive)

✔ Swimming at the Tanjung Aan beach (15 mins drive)

✔ Surfing at Selong Belanak (25 mins drive)

Our family villa is the perfect choice for your Lombok travel experience! Book your stay with us; have fun!

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