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Minimise water consumption, but we want a pool (and a slide!)

We used to turn on the tap and have clean water. Which is not always the case in Lombok. Water is precious in Lombok, an island surrounded by sea.

Lombok has around 6 months of monsoon season, rain water fell to the gardens. What it we can catch this gift from the sky with open arms?

So we decided to make our roofs to harvest rainwater to an underground tank. We captured rainwater by the roofs, filtered, and stored for the pool and other water consumption facilities, ensuring that you get the cleanest water and making sure that we use all the natural resources provided.

The used-water from sink and shower water is processed by a local waste water garden and utilised for our toilets. Every single drop of water is eventually treated and deployed in the vibrant and thriving onsite garden.

Next. We will share what locally sourced material we used for the Villa Serena.

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